DFOIL Post Press
  • DFOIL Post Press


FOR DMAX 76 and 106

Digital Foiling module

for all kind of applications- flat or raised foil with embossing effects

working speed 15-40 m/min

sheet performance minimal format length  - max. 5000 sheets per hour

sheet performance B1 size  - max. 3000 sheets per hour

sheet performance B2 size   - max. 3900 sheets per hour

working speed with 32 g/m2 -max 20 m/min(40m/min- with redundant optional inkjet system)

working speed with 8 g/m2 -max 40 m/min

Digital Inkjet Foiling " Single Pass"

width of foil webs  dfoil 76- (50-750mm)  and dfoil 106(50-1060mm)

foil type- special dmax foil

glue type special UV inkjet glue

Dimensions- 1.5X2.8X2.2;

NOTE: The performance may vary  due to humidity, substrates and working speed. The technical data represent thus approximate values. Steinemann reserve the right to make mechanical and design modifications.

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