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Hohner has been an engineering company over 85 years and for over 60 years has specialised in the design and manufacture of wire stitching equipment. This company philosophy of specialisation in a particular field of technology has allowed Hohner to develop into a global brand for narrow stitching heads, smaller saddle binders and wire stitching machines. 

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Economy 25/40 Home HohnerPostpress

Economy 25/40

EXACT HohnerPostpress HohnerPostpress


M 45/6 Post Press HohnerPostpress

M 45/6

M 55/L Post Press HohnerPostpress

M 55/L

saddle stitcherHSB 13000 Home HohnerPostpress

saddle stitcherHSB 13000

ST 55/L Post Press HohnerPostpress

ST 55/L

Universal 43/6-S Home HohnerPostpress

Universal 43/6-S

Universal 52/8-S Home HohnerPostpress

Universal 52/8-S

Universal 70/20 Home HohnerPostpress

Universal 70/20