Bulgaria - Dealer of NEW  and Used Printing Machines and Equipment 


Official representative of Baumann Perfecta in field of cutting machines.


Exclusive representative of MB Bauerle  in field of folding machines for Bulgaria and Macedonia.

MB Bauerle

Official representative of KOHMANN in field of packaging machines for Bulgaria and Romania.


Official representative of Steinemann  in field of packaging laminating machines  for Bulgaria and Romania,Macedonia.


Official representative of SCHMEDT for Bulgaria since April 2016.


EXCLUSIVE  representative of APR SOLUTIONS for Bulgaria since November 2016.The manufacturer has very innovative solutions in field of folder-gluing -there are friction and suction systems in feeders in some of the machines. The clients can choose based on material processed which system to use.

APR Solutions

Graphotrade Ltd is an official  distributor of Constantin HANG  for Bulgaria since March 2017.


Constantin Hang /NAGEL brand offers products like CITOBORMA, TAK,RINAK ,RIMO and Multinak. Products are paper drill,staplers and joggers.

Graphotrade Ltd is also an official distributor for Bulgaria of Wohlenberg Buchbindesysteme GmbH since March 2017 - leading german manufacturer of  binding lines such as VENTO,CITY e and Quickbinder , gathering machines such as SPRINTER series, trimmers such as  TRIM TEC 60 e, TRIM TEC 90 e and TRIM TEC 25o.

Since May 2017  Graphotrade  is a representative of HSM for Bulgaria too. This is a leading german manufacturer for shredders and baling machines.It has more than 700 employees dedicated to environmental friendly technologies as well as to german standard quality implemented in  products of HSM .


Since June 2017  Graphotrade  is a representative of PLANAX for Bulgaria too. This is a leading german manufacturer in its field for office binding solutions.


Graphotrade is a partner of Vivid for Bulgaria.This is a leading producer in field of laminating machines.


Since November 2017 Graphotrade is a preferred partner of Presstek for Bulgaria


Since November 2017 Graphotrade is a partner of Bacciottini  for Bulgaria.


Since June 2018  Graphotrade is a representative of Samed Innovazioni for Bulgaria. It is an italian producer which gives very good solutions for short and medium tasks for finishing processes of books.


Since May 2019 Graphotrade is a representative of Renz, Tecnomac, SCS Automaberg and Peroni Ruggero for Bulgaria- a leading producer of punching and ring wire machines.



SCS Automaberg


BaumannPefecta  is a world famous producer in this field.  Like no other supplier, from the early days BAU MANN-WOHLENBERG started to automate complete cutting system from format 3 up to format10. 

BAUMANN-PERFECTA systems for the fully automatic jogging and cutting begin at format 44 x 66 cm and go up to format 152 ,5 x 205 cm. BAUMANN-WOHLENBERG automatic joggers are available for the smallest print format up to format 152 ,5 x 205 cm (in exceptional cases for format up to 16 0 x 32 0 cm available).

MB Bauerle is a german company with more than 60 years technological experience in field of small format folding machines.Leading high tech company with partners such as Xerox and Cannon. The machines are very appropriate for all printers who want to make very short folds- as for example for pharmaceutical needs.

Kohmann is a german company  which has marked a lot  of  successes in manufacturing tradition in the global window patching industry and enjoys a first-class reputation throughout the world as one of the leading manufacturer of machines for the carton converting industry.

Steinemann is a swiss producer of UV varnishing machines  in a  premium segment- B1 format!Learn more in Steinemann section on GRAPHOTRADE site.

Konica Minolta is a leading manufacturer and provider of managed print services, production printing solutions, colour and black and white laser printers and photocopiers, as well as software and technologies for the public, commercial and corporate business sectors

Коника Минолта

Graphotrade is also an official representative of SCHMEDT for Bulgaria. Bookbinders, printers and post print companies know Schmedt as a reliable and competent partner with high knowledge und superb service

Konica Minolta   has different office solutions  - black and white multifunctional printers   as bizhub 754e,  bizhub 654e, bizhub 554e, bizhub 454e, bizhub 364e, bizhub 284e, bizhub 224e   and colour multifunctional printers  as  bizhub c754e, bizhub c654e, bizhub c554e, bizhub  c454e, bizhub c364e, bizhub c284e, bizhub c224e.

Graphotrade   offers also different industrial solutions of Konica Minolta  for black-and white  machines  for digital printing- bizhub Press 2250/P, bizhub Press 1250/P, bizhub Press 1052,  bizhub Pro 1052,  bizhub Pro 951,  bizhub  Pro 951, as well as   colour digital machines -  bizhub Press C1085/C1100,  bizhub Press C1060/C1070/P,  bizhub Pro C1060 L ,  bizhub Press C71fc, bizhub Pro C71hc,   bizhub Pro C754e.

Intec Printing Solutions Limited is established in 1989  and its owner is Ian Melville.  The company has a big portfolio of digital printing machines , label printing and envelope printing.  There are office and industrial solutions for digital printing as well as options for finishing processes. There are  machines with factory specifications to work  up to 450 gsm. 


Graphotrade is an exclusive  trade representative of the company  Intec Printing Solutions Limited for Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

Since January 2021 Graphotrade is also representative of V SHAPES - very innovative italian producer of packaging machines for cosmetics, medicine, food and hygienic purposes.

Graphotrade is one of the leading dealers on the bulgarian market based on the number of current offers for  different kinds of used printing machines and post press equipments- at the moment you can choose from over 550 actual proposals. There are various kinds of machines for sale- offset machines, post press- die cutting machines, folding machines, binding machines,guillotines, cutting systems  and other types of post press machines.

Graphotrade in field of the Used Printing Machines-covers the region- Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.If you are printer or dealer I can inspect your machines and help you find clients for it and vice versa I can engage in finding the right machine for you and I can arrange its intsallation  at your location.

 Graphotrade can help you to find the most appropriate machines for your printing needs

Graphotrade organizes  inspections of the machines on place

Graphotrade provides additional services such as : dissembling  and  collection of the machines, loading and unloading of the printing machines according to the client’s needs

Graphotrade organizes print tests

There is possible “ buy back” of the older machines and equipment in cases they have market prices

Graphotrade can assist in negotiation with the banks fulfilling the set criteria for documentation for EU programmes. 

Financial Analysis and preparing of business plans  for clients who are applying for financing

Analysis of financial and accounting data of   your company and calculating the financial ratios for liquidity, liabilities, profitability and efficiency


Using of different  approaches  for evaluation of  future and present  business models as well as entire  companies:

-methods for evaluations of assets- net value of assets and liquidation value

-methods for evaluation of the yield- discount of future cash flows and capitalization of current and past cash flows

-methods of market   comparisons


Preparation and collection of all necessary documents necessary for application for BANK or Leasing financing


Management and control of the entire  investment process :

1.defining the specific needs of the client for the exact machine which could be of best use 

2. ordering the  new machine and assisting the client to sell the used and unnecessary equipments

3. organization of the process for financing  based on the customers  economical potentials

4. Installation, training of staff and service of the new machine

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