BASS automatic cutting system BaumannPerfecta BaumannPerfecta
  • BASS automatic cutting system BaumannPerfecta BaumannPerfecta

BASS automatic cutting system

An absolute highlight is given by the combination of the new robot technology with the BASA evolution - the world's first and only fully automatic jogging and cutting system for postpress in the graphics industry. Simply load your pallet into the BASA evolution and receive thefinished products at the end of the line without any further intervention by the operating staff. Graphotrade is an agent of BaumannPerfecta for Bulgaria.

The BASS system was developed in Germany and is produced at our plant based in Solms. The latest generation of baumannperfecta high-speed cutters, in combination with the use of high-quality robotic components and the intelligent software of the control unit guarantee precision and high availability of the system. The robust basic construction of the machine frame ensures a smooth run and precise cutting results. The used parts and components are designed for continuous use, so that the cutters can be operated in 3 shifts - around the clock.

  • High-speed cutter
  • Industrial robot
  • Automatic waste removal (ASE)
  • Intermediate cut
  • Alignment and forced guidance of the layers and single cuts
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Process visualization with real image display
  • Extendable thanks to modular design
  • Automatic feeding of a die cutter
  • Alignment pusher left/right-hand side
  • Unloading left/right-hand side
  • Alignment & feeding unit in ASE (automatic waste removal)
  • Fully automatic 4-side-trim
  • Fully automatic stack cutting
  • Pusher for strips/cuts to be buffered
  • Software Robotronic
  • Additional, external touchscreen
  • Automatic stacking of strips and cuts on air boards
  • Feeding of two die cutters
  • Pre-press data processing
  • Feedback of production data (MIS)
  • Remote service for remote maintenance
  • BASS 115

    BASS 132

    BASS 168


    Strip width [mm]

    depending on the planned use

    Strip length [mm]

    300 - 1100

    300 - 1300

    300 - 1600

    Stack height [mm]




    Cycle time [Sec.]




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