Joggers and jogging stations BaumannPerfecta BaumannPerfecta
  • Joggers and jogging stations BaumannPerfecta BaumannPerfecta
  • Joggers and jogging stations BaumannPerfecta BaumannPerfecta

Joggers and jogging stations

We are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer a completely automated jogging process
Our range of products for jogging machines is unique in the graphic industry worldwide. We offer solutions from simple joggers with manual loading to fully automatic jogging systems - BASA -into which only the pallet with the printed material must be introduced. Even the most difficult materials, for example with low grammages or coated papers and foils, can be processed easily and without any problems. With the optional scale counters, counting systems or chip inserting devices, sheet-accurate processing of orders is no problem.

Our latest innovation in this area is the BASA evolution, which enables a low-cost entry into fully automatic jogging with little space requirement.
Automatic Joggers BSB L | BSB L professional
Automatic joggers for accurate alignment  
Thanks to their stable 2-column construction, the jogging machines from baumannperfecta have long been regarded as the measure of all things for the precise alignment of layers. Whether in the standard version BSB L with air-expulsion roller or in the version as BSB L professional, with which even "difficult material" such as metallic paper or package inserts can be fast and easily jogged - the joggers ensure perfect layers, installed inline or offline. In combination with the counting scale BZW, jogging and counting are done in one operation. This saves time and space and ensures highly precise cutting results.
baumannperfecta Schüttelautomat, Rüttler BSB 7
Jogging systems BASA und BASA evolution
Jogging systems for highly precise alignment  
BASA is worldwide the first system that allows the fully automatic jogging and alignment of many different materials. Depending on the equipment of the BASA system, the most different materials and even difficult products (as from 60 gsm up to carboards with 600 gsm) can be processed automatically without any kind of problem.
The transfer of the jogged and aligned layers to the subsequent production process can be either effected to the right or to the left. Like this, the BASA system can be integrated without any problem into any existing (third-party) system and can also be used for the simultaneous feeding of several guillotines. In some companies the jogging process is still the bottleneck in finishing – with the automatic jogging system BASA that belongs to the past.
Technical  Data
BASA evolution
Format max. [mm] 770 x 1070
Format min. [mm]
400 x 600
Palett size max. [mm] 800 x 1200
Palett size min. [mm]
400 x 600
Palett height min. [mm] 50
pile height incl. palett max. [mm] 1400
For larger formats or very difficult materials we offer the BASA as standard version. It is ideal for high production volumes, when processing large format printed sheets or in case of ergonomic needs. Along with relieving the operators of physical strain and the high effectiveness, the BASA ensures long-term cost savings.
What is BASA able to do?
  • BASA is the first system world-wide, which is able to align a large variety of materials fully automatically
  • BASA is the missing link in the field of automatic cutting
  • BASA rationalizes and humanizes the alignment process of printed sheets
BASA meets two important business requirements:
  • Ergonomics
  • Cost saving
baumannperfecta BASA, vollautomatisches Schüttelsystem
Where is BASA required?
  • Where high production volumes have to be processed
  • Where large-format printing sheets have to be processed
  • When ergonomic restrictions demand an automatic jogging process
  • When the cutting-process is to be automated
Which materials can be processed by BASA?
  • All papers with a grammage of at least 60 g/m² (for smaller grammages we strongly recommend testing at our facilities)
  • Various types of label papers
  • Cardboards up to a grammage of 600 g/m²
  • Foils (provided that they do not stick together and that there is no frictional electricity)
  • Plasticized materials
  • Perforated and embossed paper and cardboard
Modes of operation
BASA is equipped with two different modes of operation:
During the automatic operation, BASA processes the arriving pile without any operator's assistance and provides the jogged and aligned reams in the desired height for further processing.
For critical materials and small issues BASA has been equipped with a manual mode of operation, working similar to a traditional jogging machine.
Examples of application with BASA
In-line Solution:

The jogged reams are taken out of the BASA and transported directly to the high-speed cutter. The ream-transport is usually carried out by a transport-gripper system, putting the reams down on the cutter's rear-table.
Off-line Solution:
An unloader with an integrated gripper system takes the jogged reams out of the BASA and restacks them onto a pallet. During the restacking process, air-boards, sheets of cardboard and / or separating strips can be inserted to facilitate the subsequent destacking process.
  • Carton inserter
  • Counting device
  • BASA logistic
  • Empty pallet's delivery
Technical Data
Format max. [mm]
1050 x 1650
Format min. [mm]
560 x 660
The values ​​can vary depending on the equipment / additional options. Technical changes reserved.
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