Gathering Machine SPRINTER E Gathering machines BAUMANN Wohlenberg
  • Gathering Machine SPRINTER E Gathering machines BAUMANN Wohlenberg

Gathering Machine SPRINTER E

NEW Gathering Machine  SPRINTER E

  • Mechanical speed, inline 1000-8000 cycles/h
  • Stand-alone with criss-cross delivery 1000-5000 cycles/h
  • Product height 105- 370  mm
  • Product width 75- 320 mm
  • Number of stations 4 – 28

    (All details are product- and performance-linked)
  • Completely new, compact suction- pump system Winjector to optimize the process of creating a vacuum
  • Station processor and diagnostic display with graphical readout
  • Automatic image- and double-sheet control ACC
  • Motorized adjustment of the transport channel width
  • Low level pre-warning in each magazine
  • Control system for automatic run-up and run-down
  • Reliable and non-marking separation of the lowest layer due to the inclination of the stations
  • Upright gentle product transport in transport channel assisted by blow air. Spiralling upright for feeding into the perfect binder is no longer required
  • Stand-alone or inline

    The gathering machine Sprinter e is designed based on the modular concept. All elements can be combined individually and used both as stand-alone or inline with a perfect binder. The machine’s low height, clearly laid out arrangement and functional design represent a visible expression of modern mechanical engineering, without disregarding the technical reliability. In this machine the double gripper system, proved a thousand times, and the upright product transport are combined with state-of-art electronic and the latest development of vacuum generation. For generating a vacuum a new system is used; The Winjector which is an extremely compact suction-pump system for creating a vacuum inside the suction module of the respective magazine. Based on the multi-stage ejector principle the vacuum is generated locally

    System extensions (optional):

    • Drive belts in magazine
    • Imagecontrol
    • Image control barcode reading
    • Universal criss-cross delivery
    • Automatic rejection
    • Changeover to half-drum speed to reduce the separating speed
    • Handfeeding station for 1 or 2 pockets
    • Electrical disengaging clutch
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