Renz manufactures protective face shields

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After a downturn in order intake from mid March, Renz made the decision in early April to put its technical know-how, production expertise and spare manufacturing capacity to good use by producing protective face shields. Over the Easter weekend, a collaborative effort led to marketing collateral being developed and manufacturing commenced on Saturday 11 April. The company decided to produce a lightweight high quality protective face shield which on Friday 17April received official certification from ECS GmbH, the European Certification Service. 

RENZ Protective Face Shield Mouth | Nose with the ‘license to smile’

1x Chin Support, 2x Shields, 4x Rubber bands

Our Protective Face Shield Mouth | Nose is perfect for use in everyday life enabling your smile to count and make the difference. Unlike a conventional mouth-nose-mask, our transparent face shield allows your facial expressions to remain visible to other people preventing misunderstandings and creating confidence. The face shield protects both the wearer and people in the immediate vicinity from airborne liquid droplets. The wide shield, perfectly adapted to the form of the eyes and nose, offers the best possible protection and maximum room. The distance of the shield to mouth and nose makes breathing easier, as it offers more air than conventional masks do. Also glasses do not fog up. The ergonomic and extremely light chin support ensures a high wearing comfort as well as a secure hold for the shield. The rubber bands provide a flexible, individual adjustment and are therefore suitable for adults and children. They are also particularly soft and certified with OEKO-TEX. This prevents injuries behind the ears. The shields can be easily cleaned with high-quality disinfectant (at least 70% Ethanol) and are therefore reusable. The choice of material ensures that the Protective Face Shield Mouth | Nose does not get wet. This considerably reduces the possible risk of infections with herpes and other diseases. 10x Replacement shields optional available

  • Covers nose and mouth extensively
  • Effectively blocks droplets from mouth and nose
  • Facial expressions and lip-reading possible without restriction
  • Ideal when your friendly smile counts (gastronomy / service / beauty / hair)
  • No impairment of the field of vision
  • No fogging of the glasses
  • Extremely light construction for high wearing comfort
  • Ergonomic chin support for a secure and comfortable hold
  • One size fits all - suitable for adults and children
  • Chin support and shield can be disinfected
  • Replacement shields available
  • Made from high quality and skin-friendly materials
  • Made in Germany

This is not medical equipment. Used alone it is not sufficient to protect from infections. The additional use of a surgical mask is highly recommended.

Care instructions: The protective shields should only be cleaned with disinfectant (at least 70% ethanol content). Other cleaning agents (including water) can destroy the protective film of the shield. We recommend replacing the shield regularly.

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