Fold Net 66 за нескончаеми формуляри
  • Fold Net 66 за нескончаеми формуляри

Fold Net 66 за нескончаеми формуляри

max. paper size

66 x 132 cm

min. paper size 10 x 10 cm
min. fold length 3,5 cm
Speed max. 220 m/min

Fold Net 66 за нескончаеми формуляри

Modular Folding Systems for Every Need.

Creative ideas can produce imaginative new forms of printed matter. This development demands new techniques in the areas of direct mail handling and print on demand solutions. Innovative new finishing processes also include professional modular folding systems.  

Modern folding systems must therefore be versatile. They must deal with output from black-and-white or colour ink jet printers, laser and digital printers as well as conventional printing machines. Flexibility, variability, short set-up times, but also online capability are needed.

MB Bäuerle offers professional equipment to cover these needs. A number of modules based on the computer-controlled folder prestigeFOLD NET can be combined into a large variety of systems.

Folding Solutions for Print on Demand and Direct Mail

Mailings should attract attention and create customer commitment. For this reason lettershops and EDP centres demand the very best equipment available. Specialized systems for high volume production are as must in demand as systems for universal applications. 
MB Bäuerle has developed various mobile fold units that can be used in front of or following units of other manufacturers to fill virtually any customer need.

Possible Interfacing

  • Interfaces for online connection with digital printing systems:
    Cut-sheet printer and continuous forms systems (fan-fold, roll)
  • Combination with EDP-finishing equipment:
    Interstackers, rotary and guillotine cutters, bursters 
  • Connection to modular sheet feeders:
    Suction feeder SF with high-capacity loader BSA 5000 (up to A4
    / letter size, landscape), suction feeder SF with interface 32/C
    (up to A4 / letter size, landscape), cut-sheet preloader (up to A3
    / legal size, landscape)
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