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Braille Star

Сгъвачно-Лепачна машина

  • Идеална за сгъване и лепене на кутии с браилов релеф за малки и средно големи тиражи
  • Минимални изисквания за място
  • Практичен дизайн
  • Лесна за подръжка
  • Лесна смяна на форматите
  • Висока производителност
  • Ниски разходи за експлоатация
  • Проектирана за многосменен режим

Folding Box Gluing Machine

  • The ideal folding box gluing machine to manufacture folding boxes with Braille relief dots for small and medium sized production
  • Low space requirements
  • Durable design
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Easy format changes
  • Ideal for crash lock boxes due to pre-break of crease 1+3
  • High production output
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Designed for multi-shift operation

Standard Equipment:

  • Braille-station for embossing Braille relief dots
  • Feeder with vibrating device
  • Infinitely adjustable distance between carton blanks
  • Pre-breaking crease 1+3
  • Bottom disc glue unit
  • Electronic counter with digital display, including preset counter
  • Delivery with kick-out device
  • Drying and press section synchronised with machine speed, can be controlled separately
  • Belt speed 150 m/min

Special Equipments:

  • Crash lock bottom device
  • Upper nozzle gluing unit
  • Code reader, glue line detector

Unusual blank formats and special board qualities will be checked by us. Please avoid numerous extreme dimensions in one cardboard blank.



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