Buffer and transport systems
  • Buffer and transport systems
  • Buffer and transport systems

Buffer and transport systems

Automatic workflows with system. The modular buffer and transport systems of baumannperfecta are the perfect answer to the most varied requirements in printing plants. Whether air board lifts, air tables, multi-layer racks or transport systems  - with them, the cutting systems not only can be individually adapted to the available space, but they also offer sufficient buffer spaces for the cut layers and thus compensate the different process times between jogging and cutting.
Vertical buffer BVP
The baumannperfecta vertical buffer BVP is the ideal solution for the intermediate buffering of aligned layers which must be transferred to the high-speed cutter.  Regardless of whether you cut manually or already fully automatically - with the vertical buffer you always have enough jogged and aligned layers available and thus prevent unwanted idles in the cutting process. The BVP offers 5 buffer spaces that are loaded and unloaded according to the first in / first out principle. In combination with other components, such as the rear table loading system and / or a turntable, up to 9 buffer spaces are available.
Multi ream rack BMR
The Multi-Ream Rack BMR bridges the waiting-times between jogging and cutting. The jogged reams are buffered within the Multi-Ream Rack and are transported towards the cutter when required. BMR runs fully automatically and is always operated as "in-line solution". The number of possible storage places is only limited by the height of the building. A gripper transport system takes the jogged reams from the automatic jogger to the Multi-Ream Rack where they can be stored. When the ream is required at the cutter, the gripper transport system takes it to the cutter's rear-table. Different orders are managed by numbers/names.
Additional buffer and transport systems
•  Transport system BTE
Pushing systems can take the reams out of the jogger, the gripper transport system or the loader and transport them towards the cutter. BTE can be equipped with one or two buffer-spaces. It is suitable wherever the reams can be pushed. Transport-times of the BTE are shorter than those of the BFS. BTE usually feeds the cutter via the rear-table. It can also be installed in combination with a BFS-R (5th buffer-space) or as support for the front-table feeding. The reams are transported in a "straight-forward movement".
•  Air-Board Systems BLL
Air-Board Systems offer numerous buffer spaces for jogged reams. They bridge the waiting-times between jogging and cutting. Air-Boards, which are put between the reams, separate the reams and are also used for the ream's transport. Air-Boards are put in or taken out by the operator.
•  Air-Tables
Air-Tables allow the easy transport of jogged or cut layers. The Air-Tables are delivered in rectangular or square form for different formats. A low-pressure blower supplies the required air. The balls of the air-valves are pressed down by the weight of the layer so that the air can flow, forming an air-cushion between the table and the material. Even heavy materials can be transported with a minimum effort.
•  Gripper transport system BFS
Gripper transport systems take the jogged reams out of the automatic jogger and transport them towards the cutter. BFS can be equipped with one or two buffer-spaces. This is the "classic rear-table feeding". The layers are transported in a "straight-forward movement". BFS is very efficient and dynamic. It is able to transport the layer directly towards the cutter without any intermediate stops.
•  Curved Gripper System BFS-R
The gripper transport system BFS-R, more commonly known as the "Curved Gripper System", offers the most efficient way to feed a cutter via the rear table. The jogged ream is transported from the front side of the cutter, from a BASA, an automatic jogger or an automatic loader towards the cutter's rear-table over an angle of 90°. As the cutter is cutting the ream, the BFS-R is filling the buffer positions. This allows the cutter operator to continuously cut.
The values ​​can vary depending on the equipment / additional options. Technical changes reserved.
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