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PräForm XS

Book press and joint-setting machine 

The PräForm XS  is a machine to press books after  casing-in, e. g. on our casing-in machine PräLeg XS,  setting the joint at the same time. It processes single as  well as small series of books without any format settings.

The PräForm XS  is equipped with two pressing plates of 310 x 310 mm and with heated joint formers. Their  rounded (“bull-nose”) shape is ideal for cellophaned and  laminated papers as well as other binding materials such  as cloth. The temperature of the joint formers is controlled by  thermostat and is set according to the requirements of glue, binding material and also working speed.

The principle of operation After casing-in the book is placed on the bottom  pressing plate with the joint lying on the joint  former. Now the safety guard is pulled down. The pressing process is activated by pressing the  rocker switch in the "up" position. During the  pressing process, the next book may be cased in.  

 Technical data: Floor space:    60 x 60 cm Height:    49 cm Weight:    98 kgs Power supply:  230 Volt / 50 Hz (A. C.)

Book sizes: Book height:   120 - 310 mm Book width:   120 - 310 mm Book thickness:  2 - 75 mm Output:   60 - 80 pcs/h (depending on the material used)


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