PräDecka line Schmedt Schmedt
  • PräDecka line Schmedt Schmedt
  • PräDecka line Schmedt Schmedt
  • PräDecka line Schmedt Schmedt
  • PräDecka line Schmedt Schmedt

PräDecka line

PräDeka System base
The system base consists of two combined tables with
bottom intermediate shelves, a shelf for pre-cut boards,
cover material etc., a drawer for tools, manuals etc. and
a lateral storage space adjustable in height for the gluing
The complete system base is adjustable in height.

PräziCoat XS Gluing machine
This two-roller gluing machine was especially designed
for use within the PräDeka system.
The machine was constructed in such a way that the
glued cover material may be placed on the PräDeck
without twisting and turning.
The sheet-reversing device ensures an ergonomic
guidance of the glued cover sheet. As the machine is
equipped with a hot-glue tray and a temperature control,
it may be operated with hot as well as cold glue.

Technische Daten: Grundfläche: 60 x 45 cm Höhe: ca. 25 cm Gewicht: ca. 50 kg Walzenbreite: 350 mm Elektr. Anschluss: 230 V - 50 Hz (Wechselstrom)

PräDeck Casemaker

In one process, the two boards and the spine hollow are
placed accurately and with the exact joint width on to
the glued cover material.
No adjustments to different case sizes are required.
An illuminated case as well as scales facilitate the
positioning of the cover material.

Technische Daten: Grundfläche: 72 x 57 cm Höhe: 36 cm Gewicht: ca. 25 kg Elektrischer Anschluss: 230 Volt - 50/60 Hz Formatbereich: Rückenbreite: 6 - 100 mm Max. Rückenlänge: 440 mm mit Tischvergrößerung (Option) 650 mm Max. Deckenbreite aufgeschlagen: 660 mm Falzbreiten: 6 und 8 mm (Standard) Leistung: 60 - 100 St / h Lieferumfang: Grundmaschine und je 1 Satz Falzstege 6 und 8 mm

PräKant Turning-in machine
The PräKant is a turning-in machine designed to turn
in and press down the edges during the production of
book covers, posters, calendar backs, notice boards
etc. and may also be used for rubbing down laminated
or mirrored covers.

Technische Daten: Maschine (TxBxH): 46 x 97 x 34 cm (ohne Tische) 111 x 97 x 34 cm (mit Tischen) Gewicht: 63 kg Elektr. Anschluss: 230 V - 50 Hz Pressluft: min. 6 bar Leistung: 60 - 150 St / h Formate: s. links Pappenstärke: 1,2 - 3,5 mm Lieferumfang: Grundmaschine, 2 Ansatztische

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