multipageMAILER- подходящ за маркетинг кампании с директна поща Post Press MB Bauerle
  • multipageMAILER- подходящ за маркетинг кампании с директна поща Post Press MB Bauerle

multipageMAILER- подходящ за маркетинг кампании с директна поща

Feeding speed: max. 25,000 sheets/hour (A4-length = 297 mm) Sizes envelope sheet: max. 250 x 330 mm (9.85” x 13”); min. 180 x 210 mm (7.1” x 8.25”) [ b” x “c”] Flap length: min. 40 mm (1.55”) [ d”] Paper weight: 70 - 90 GSM (uncoated paper) Sizes insert sheets: max. 225 x 330 mm (8.85” x 13”); min. 155 x 210 mm (6.1” x 8.25”) [ a” x c”] (width min. 25 mm less than envelope) Paper weight: Feeder capacity: up to 4,000 sheets (80 GSM, 20 lb. bond, unfolded) Accumulator capacity: max. 4 inserts + 1 envelope sheet, min. 1 insert + 1 envelope sheet optional: min. 1 insert without envelope sheet (Insert = envelope sheet) Reading system: Camera reading system from the bottom in the feeder Glue system: Cold glue system with max. 3 glue guns

The new multipageMAILER - the innovative technology for the production of customised direct mailings.

The multipageMAILER allows the production of an individual cover letter with matching envelope in a single pass. Consequently the target group-specific addressing of mailings from print run one has become a reality. The multipageMAILER system is first fed with the sheets in the appropriate sequence and then additional with the sheet for the envelope. Up to four sheets plus envelope can be processed. Feeding takes place either by means of a cut sheet pre-loader, continuously from a roll or directly from a digital printing system. With a timed cutting unit, the documents for the contents are cut at the sides, whereas the envelope sheet keeps its original format. 
The subsequent application of glue then seals the complete document.

Processing is made possible by a patented accumulator which collects the different elements of the mailing in accordance with a specific procedure before the mailing is folded to its final size in the fully automatic folding system prestigeFOLD NET. The integrated fold unit can also be used for normal folding jobs, thus ensuring the highest possible flexibility of the complete system.

A camera system in connection with a diverter guarantees permanent security during the entire production cycle, making sure that only impeccable documents reach the delivery section. The complete system is also very operator-friendly because of its compact design and good accessibility.

>> Functionality:


>> Highlights:

  • Production of an individual cover letter with envelope in a single pass
  • Envelopes and documents are processed together in one production flow
  • Possibility of an individual design of the envelope ensures a high response
  • Simplified data editing
  • No additional inkjet system needed for printing the envelope
  • Integrated, fully automatic folding system also usable for "normal" folding jobs
  • Operator-friendly due to compact design
  • Camera system in connection with diverter for permanent security
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