GUK SM 50/70 Post Press
  • GUK SM 50/70 Post Press

GUK SM 50/70

GUK maschines for grooving, perforating and cutting

minimal space ccupying, rotary grooving machines combined with  a high speed flat pile feeder. all kinds of conditionings can be done with this machine always FAST and Precise. A back friendly outfeed level keeps operators happy. 

Technics- two pairs of knife shafts guarantee exact grooves, perforations and cuts and are easily accessible and adjustable.

In combination with the flat pile feeder FL2 and the mobile chute delivery a compact and helpful machine is formed. Also available with the slant roller table.


max width 520 mm/ 720mm

speed  max 200 m/minute

size  min 105X145mm

        max520X850mm/ 720X850mm

option- 320X850mm- on  SM30 model

- available with alignment- or roller -table as infeed

-independent electrics  to operate  the machine by its own

-very strong knife shaft bearings

-stripe cut and edge trimmings as options

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