tyma die cutting TIGER model with hot foil Post Press
  • tyma die cutting TIGER model with hot foil Post Press

tyma die cutting TIGER model with hot foil

The TYMA Tiger Model A (Tiger) is used for hot stamping and die cutting various types of paper, paperboard, corrugated board, and plastic sheets (e.g., PVC and PP sheets). It employs a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a stepper motor to control the foil stamping, feeding, and collecting in a smooth series of actions.

Compared to the ordinary model, the body of the machine is made of high strength casting iron (HT250) and is made to have a thicker and more reliable machine structure. The connecting rods are strengthened, and the main transmission shaft is heat-treated, which enables it to apply a higher pressure to the materials and become more durable. Furthermore, Tiger has 5 heating zones (TYMA-750 has 4 heating zones). The main electrical parts of the Tiger are from top-quality brands: Schneider and Omron, which are safe and reliable.

As it was frequently requested, Tiger can be equipped with safety guard devices in the CE standard, a honeycomb plate, a pneumatic clutch, or a frequency converter for speed adjustments.

Suitable materials:

Paper and paperboard
Corrugated board
Plastic sheets, eg. PVC, PP sheets







Max. platen area available





Max. stamping area available





Hot stamping section

1. Foil conveying rollers are made of aluminum alloy with special treatment. It is light, long-lasting, and has a high degree of precision.
2. Stepper motors with drivers were used to control the foil skipping with high precision.
3. A drawer is built for the foil holding roll for easy refills, which is safer and more convenient.

4. The heating zones can be controlled separately for your convenience and high energy efficiency. The heating tubes are made of high-quality stainless steel and are reliable to use.
5. The heating plate was designed with an innovative structure that allows the stamps to be attached with screws or glue.
6. Honeycomb plate 
(optional): to fix the stamps easier and more conveniently.

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