used laminating Machine Tecnomac Smart Post Press Tecnomac
  • used laminating Machine Tecnomac Smart Post Press Tecnomac

used laminating Machine Tecnomac Smart

Laminating machines of SMART model are particularly indicated for digital and offset print companies that have small

productions and fast work changes.

The standard machine is composed of Automatic Feeder, Laminating unit, Sheeter and Collecting table

Thanks to its compact structure this machine can be installed in few minutes.

This machine can be fully controlled through a user friendly control panel.

The operator can easily set all the functional parameters of the machine, such as sheet length and overlap, and verify

constantly the right functioning of the machine including the no. of laminated sheets.

The rubber pressure roll is provided of pneumatic movement with adjustable pressure up to 1500 kg in order to get

always the best result with all the different kinds of paper.

Its easy functioning makes it suitable for the use with one single operator.

The film used is the OPP precoated film, glossy or mat

price is 35000 euro loc

Minimum size 20 x 20 cm

Maximum size 52 x 72 cm

Maximum mechanical speed 20 m/min

The production speed depends on the kind of paper and film used

Overall dimensions Power installed

with automatic stacker 3.4 x 1.3 x 1.75 m 9 Kw

Year of construction 2010


AUTOMATIC FEEDER  Solid steel structure with easy access

 Sucking head, offset type

 Vertical and axial adjustment of sucking head

 Brushless motor

 Pneumatic front wheels

 Front alignment bars for sheet adjustment

 Dry vacuum pump

 Motorised platform for sheet pile rising

LAMINATING UNIT  Solid steel structure with easy access

 Chromed roll with high thickness polished chromium and electric heating

 Digital set up of temperature

 Thermic sensor for measurement of calender temperature

 Rubber pressure roll with pneumatic movement

 Expandable shaft

 Film coil until Diam. 300 mm

 Pneumatic clutch for film pulling control

 Manual film trimming device

AUTOMATIC SHEETER  Sheet incision by abrasive device

 Pneumatic control of rubber and abrasive wheels

 Anticurl device

 Transport roller, rubber covered

 Couple of separating rolls, rubber covered, with pneumatic movement and electronic

control of separating point



ELECTRIC PANEL  On board fixed structure

 International electric and electronic components

 Touch screen with the following functions:

 Alarms notification

 Sheet length

 Overlap set-up

 Sheet counter Automatic sheet separator setup

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