2010 Tecnomac Sprinter Post Press Tecnomac
  • 2010 Tecnomac Sprinter Post Press Tecnomac

2010 Tecnomac Sprinter

Thermal laminating machine mod.  TECNOMAC SPRINTER

Year of construction 2010

Min. Sheet size 21x21

Max. Sheet size  76x104

Power installes 12 kW

Max mechanical speed max 30 m/min

Dimensions (LuxlaxH) 3.8x1.6x1.6 m



Machinery Equipment


·               AUTOMATIC FEEDER:

  Solid steel structure with easy access

 High performance sucking head, offset type

 Vertical and axial adjustment of sucking head

 Brushless motor dedicate to the sucking head

 Front registers + wheels

 Front alignment bars for sheet adjustment

 Dry vacuum pump

 Motorized platform for sheet pile rising

·               CALENDER

Rubber rolls for sheet transport

 Chromed roll with high thickness polished chromium and inside circulation of fluid

 Rubber pressure roll with pneumatic movement and pressure up to 1500 Kg

 Film roll shaft with blocking devices

 Film roll until a diameter of 300 mm

 Pneumatic clutch for film pulling control

 Manual film trimming device


Incision by abrasive wheel. High precision adjustment on paper thickness

Rubber wheels with pneumatic movement

Decurling system provided with antiscratch device

Separating rolls provided with refined height adjustment

Adjustable pneumatic pressure


Transpallet for paper pallet rising / descending

Sensor to control pile height

Pneumatic side jogger with automatic activation control

Front paper pallet load off

·               ELECTRIC PANEL:

On board fixed structure

High quality international electric and electronic components

Touch screen PLC with following controls:

o Alarms notification

o Sheet length set-up

o Overlap set-up

o Total and partial sheet counter

o Automatic sheet separator setup


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