V-Shapes packaging machine - Model: Prime Post Press
  • V-Shapes packaging machine - Model: Prime Post Press

V-Shapes packaging machine - Model: Prime

The automatic packaging machine Prime for special single-portion V-Shapes packets is distinctive for its reduced dimensions and compact modular system.
The design of this machine conforms with the GMP standards, Good Manufacturing Practice, and it has an advanced patented system of micrometric incision with pneumatic drive.
The packaging process is regulated by Siemens brushless motors and, thanks to the accurate systems of dosage controlled electronically, it is possible to guarantee efficient dosage of the product in packets that can contain from 1ml to 30ml of product, depending on the size chosen.

Production capacity Up to 35 units/minute
Time for packet size change 15 minutes
Number of packaging lines 1
Maximum dimensions of film reels Width 110mm/ 4.33 ” Diameter 200 mm
Weight of film reels 20 kg / 44.09 lb
Film reel consumption Up to 3500 mm /min
Standard seal widt
Electronic parts Standard IP55, IP67 on request
Standard electronics PLC 7 brushless motors
*Pneumatic dosage system: volumetric to measure
Dimensions of V-Shapes packets Height from 50 to 100mm/1.969” to 3.937”
Width from 40 to 100mm/1.575” to 3.937”
Air Pressure 7 bar
Electric power 9 Kw/h
Weight (maximum) 800 kg / 1763.7lb
Machine Size 1378mm x 800mm x 2023mm (H)
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