Atlas LS 1110 Post Press
  • Atlas LS 1110 Post Press
  • Atlas LS 1110 Post Press

Atlas LS 1110

year 2006

Strip length min./max. 350 / 1115 mm Strip width min./max. 45 / 215 mm Label sizes Precut label size min. 25 x 45 mm Precut label size max. 170 x 215 mm Punched min. size 20 x 40 mm Punched max. size 166 x 211 mm Others Stack height min./max. 40 / 120 mm Min. trim per side (punching waste) 2 mm Intermediate trim cut 3 - 40 mm Trim cut 3 - 40 mm Rest cut (gripper) 25 - 100 mm Machine strokes per minute 14 - 20 Machine control PLC (B+R) Electrical connection 400V 3.N.PE 12 kVA Air consumption incl. 30% reserve 6 bar dry air 22 m3/h Air connection 1/2“ Floor layout of the machine approx. 5300 x 4200 mm Weight net/gross approx. 3000 / 3400 kg Countless in operation and proven all over the world, this “label finishing work horse” in its latest edition: faster, more accurate, more versatile, easier to operate, etc. All the individual processes (strip-cutting, punching, separating and banding) successfully combined makes this machine to the most essential production line for cut to stack label producers. Regardless if the machine is placed in- or offline with the upstream equipment and regardless if strips get loaded manually or automatically, this line offers all the flexibility for the finishing process of labels printed on sheets or on the web. Many features are available in order to finish the labels in accordance with any specification customers may require. It doesn’t matter if most difficult shapes, or just square cut stacks have to be cut, punched and banded, the ATLAS-1110 ensures anytime the most reliable, efficient and accurate finishing process. A

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