VEGA W 800 Post Press
  • VEGA W 800 Post Press
  • VEGA W 800 Post Press
  • VEGA W 800 Post Press

VEGA W 800

used machine for making plastic bags for bread and other foods

Specifications of VEGA W 800

year 2008

Film Index Drive (Tail-feed assisted) Brushless Servo Motor

Cranking Mechanism (Seal head) Drive

(Without dwell)

Brushless Servo Motor

Tension Control on Unwind Brushless Servo Motor

Edge control on Unwind D.C Servo Motor

Pin Stacker Brushless Servo Motor

Edge control for Wicket hole punches Brushless Servo Motor


Maximum Minimum

Draw Length (mm) max 410  min 75

Max. Usable Bed Width (mm) max 710  min 200

Unwind Width(mm) 1200 --

Off-wind Reel Diameter (mm) 1000 --

Thickness of the Film : (Microns)

HDPE max50  min20

LLDPE / LD max 80  min25

CPP max 50 min 20

Maximum Speeds (Mechanical) 280 Cycles/min. *

Limiting Line Speed 70 Meters / Min. *

Electrical Power AC, 3 Phase, 415 ± 6% Volt, 50 Hz +

Total Connected Load 26.5 KW

Air Consumption 1150 Liters / Min. free air at NTP #

Foot Print(L x W x H)

Basic machine with stacker and folder



dimensions in cm 8700 X 2600 X 2000

Machine Weight (Approx.) ~4 Metric Ton #

Above Specifications are for basic Machine only.

* Actual Output depends on the type of Bag, Material, Thickness, Width and Draw


+ Optional power conditions on request.

# Performance, Weight, Power and Measurements although carefully computed must

be considered approximate only and are not guaranteed.

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