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ST-720/1050 Screen Printing Machine

High-speed Capability: With a maximum speed of 4000 pieces per hour, this machine can significantly enhance production efficiency.

Precision Registration: This feature ensures top-notch printing quality.

Printing on Thin Paper: Accurate printing on materials as thin as 0.075mm expands your business opportunities.

Zero Rejection: Advanced photocell technology detects mispositioned paper, reducing waste costs to zero.

Smooth Operation: The machine's longevity and reliability contribute to increased returns on investment.

Our Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine represents the latest advancements in China. It's the culmination of decades of experience in manufacturing rotary screen printing machines, combined with innovative ideas and the integration of cutting-edge technology and designs from both domestic and international sources. To ensure optimal performance, key components undergo precision processing using imported machinery, with critical parts sourced directly from overseas.

This machine is ideal for industries such as packaging, advertising, transfer printing, and electronics. It excels in printing on various substrates including coated paper, paperboard, cardboard, adhesive paper, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, as well as spot varnishing with UV ink. Its versatility extends to printing labels on ceramics, glass, lottery tickets, enamel, soft circuit boards, and flexible film buttons.

Equipped with pushing lays, drawing lays, and photoelectric monitors on both sides, the machine accommodates double-sided printing on papers of different weights. Precision registration is guaranteed by upper and lower cam-driven pushing or drawing lays, which position the printing sheets accurately. Optical fiber magic eyes monitor sheet positioning on the cylinder, minimizing waste effectively.

The delivery table, controlled by the cylinder, swiftly rotates 90° for easy screen plate cleaning. Operating in either sheet-fed or stream-fed mode, the machine features a vacuum suction feeding board for smooth paper feeding, especially for thin sheets. Its cylinder undergoes precision grinding in Germany, ensuring consistent color and dot saturation.

Innovative design features, including an end stop cylinder and a flat pressure tongue, prevent scrubbing during multiple printings. The screen frame's drawer design facilitates easy cleaning, mounting, and dismounting, as well as precise calibration with printed sheets. A newly designed drip tray prevents ink residue from contaminating the cylinder.

The machine also features pushing and drawing devices on the screen master frame, along with a screen plate fine-adjusting device, ensuring accurate registration. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with our Series Drying Machines, including UV Solidifying, Flat Feeding Drying with UV & IR, and Flat Feeding Hot Air Dryer with Wicket Dryer, suitable for various ink typesSpecification

Model ST-720 ST-1050
Max. Sheet Size (mm) 720x510 1050
Min. Sheet Size (mm) 350x270 560×350
Max. Printing Size (mm) 720x500 1050×740
Thickness Of Sheet (gsm ) 100-350 90-420
Printing Speed (p/h) 1000-3600 500-4000
Total Power (kw) 8.3 9.8
Machine Weight (kg) 3800 5500
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 3250x2360x1600 3750x3066x1717
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