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CRON 46 Double Drum CTP

model uvp tp DD858 is with maximum size 1163mm to 940m and maximum speed 55 plates per hour

model UVP TP  DD870 is up to 70 plates per hours

Technical features:

1.  Double Drum Design
Utilize the auxiliary time of equipment loading and unloading, improves outputting speed,
  reduce purchase cost and reduce floor space. Optional for single drum operation, flexible switching

2.  Double Drums utilizing the same laser system
  Lower maintenance costs for subsequent laser system.

3.  All-in-one touch screen workstation
  Instead of using an external desktop, this All-in-one touch screen workstation saves space and   improves the overall appearance of the machine.

4.  Equipped with a 1500-sheet pallet automatic plate feeder unit
Entire pallet can be preloaded with up to 1500 plates (0.3mm) at one time, reducing the number
  of plate placements, improving machine work efficiency and saving labour costs

5.  Matched with CRON rapid plate processor HTP-125
Achieving the actual production capacity of more than 70 sheets per hour (1030mm, 2400dpi).

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