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  • BOXmaker PRO 2400s Home
  • BOXmaker PRO 2400s Home
  • BOXmaker PRO 2400s Home
  • BOXmaker PRO 2400s Home
  • BOXmaker PRO 2400s Home
  • BOXmaker PRO 2400s Home

BOXmaker PRO 2400s

The BOXmaker is an in-house developed machine created with the intention of helping businesses grow through the application of latest innovative technologies. The robust construction of the machine allows for heavy duty work to be conducted, subsequently allowing for a sustainable and cost-effective production process. All the available configurations are made in a way that does not compromise the primary idea of all the work – slotting, slitting, scoring, creasing, gluing, and printing – being done in a single pass.

The hand holder tool, as its name suggests, creates hand holder openings, but can also be used for other openings on the box. It is a moveable die cut press and the shape can be changed. Dimensions of tool is 150 x 100 mm.

The creasing wheels can pull up to save cardboard, and depending on client needs, the machine can have two (standard) or four (additional line – optional) wheels. The creasing wheels are with integrated scalpel knives for cutting off the glue flap, and they are setup automatically via the control unit. The scalpel tool serves the purpose of cutting off surplus cardboard on the glue flaps or excess cardboard along the length, as well as allowing for more variations of boxes to be made.

They are made of high-density steel alloy which allows for heavy duty reliability and extended use even with processing 1000-gram, high grade cardboard. The machine has 2 slotting knives that are positioned automatically via threaded spindle and servo motor. The transversal creasing tool is integrated in the knife subframe. On demand the knives can be segmented, in 100mm segments.

The Smart Servo cross cutting tool is powered by a servo motor and serves the purpose of cutting off excess material thus enabling for multiple boxes to be made from single panel of cardboard. The blade runs across the width and cuts in the direction of the flute. Another useful option of this tool is that it can stab and remove the blade anywhere on the board, with high speed and precision. With this module you can make rectangular shapes (windows) on cardboard and is also utilized for production of pallet boxes with loading flap.

The printing unit is capable of outputting single color prints of up to 150mm of width and 470mm length (standard unit), making it the perfect choice for standard transportation box markings. The imprint can be repeated on all four sides of the box, or simply printed anywhere on the box, including creased surfaces. On demand we offer a bigger size printer of 300mm x 470mm printing surface. Two units can be installed if needed.

Developed with single pass functionality in mind, the cold gluing system rounds up the box production process and allows for a more flexible production cycle. It consists of an external glue tank and internal glue applicator – injector. The unit is servo powered and moves at speeds up to 1m/s. Fine tuning of glue application is available. The glue is water based and can be applied ln form of line or dots.

The control unit of the box maker is consisted of 15-inch

touch sensitive HD widescreen display with user

friendly UI. The unit itself comes with predefined FEFCO

standard models in memory. Free mode offers the

possibility of creating a box of any style and measure

and saving it in the memory. The memory itself can hold

up to 250 models. On demand the memory can be

expanded to 3000.

High quality, state of the art electronics, including servo motors, control unit, drivers, etc. of the renowned

Lenze and Omron.

❖ High safety features include door closure sensor switches on all doors of the working area of the machine

which stop the machine if any of the doors are opened.

❖ Furthermore, the hazardous environment of the working area, where the moving parts are located is laser

secured so the possibility of worker injury or damaging of the machine is reduced to an absolute minimum.

❖ The machine is rested on heavy duty industrial wheels which allow easy maintenance of the area around the

machine and the possibility of moving to a desired area of the production space with ease.

❖ High versatility and possibility of adaptation to customer needs.

❖ Purchasing EMproject89 products you are actively talking part in our

Environmental Sustainability Program – MOUNTAIN AFFORESTATION

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