Vertical form, fill and seal machine bvs Cutting BAUMANN Wohlenberg
  • Vertical form, fill and seal machine bvs Cutting BAUMANN Wohlenberg

Vertical form, fill and seal machine bvs

CONCEPT 30 !!!

CONCEPT 30 !!!

30% less energy consumption.

The consistent use of four asynchronous servo motors and identical gear units or the vacuum foil extraction in three stages at reduced pressure are examples of the considerably reduced energy consumption of the baumannpacking packaging machine. Our Automation Software reduces energy-intensive engine movements to a minimum. The installed spring systems eliminate even the use of brakes.
The 4,5 kw power input (single version) is the new industry benchmark.

30% increased performance.

The performance of a bag forming, filling and sealing machine is determined by the effective output and not by nominal capacities.

And here, baumannpacking is at the very forefront:

All settings at the controls and regarding the formats / sealing can be made in no time at all.

30% less need for cleaning.

Pure consequence:

Every single component of the VP 25 has been designed for easy cleaning. Thus, the hygienic design of this bag forming, filling and sealing machine is unique and characterized by well-designed and sophisticated details which highly simplify the cleaning.
Because we know the significance of hygienic standards.

30% less component.

For the packers, reliability and ease of service are always of highest priority.

For the baumannpacking machines we use for motors and gearings same parts for different functions – this means less spare parts requirements. Maintenance-free bearings and maximum accessibility to the machine not only reduce the service requirement but also grant a quick exchangeability of the modules within only 15 minutes

We  have a totally customer oriented approach and we will do our best to macth your specific requirements!

Software-developed from our experience!

Hardware: According to your wishes!

The machine controls are built with proven components. Flexibility and performance are guaranteed. Various packing machines from different manufacturers are running with software designed by our specialists.

More than 30 years of experience grant an optimal and fail-safe control for the baumannpacking bag forming, filling and sealing machine.

The cooled control cabinet is integrated into the machine housing.

For the hardware components we offer you the choice:

our machine control is available with Rockwell, Siemens or SEW units – exactly according to your specifications.

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