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  • NEW folder gluer DUPLEX APR Solutions APR Solutions

NEW folder gluer DUPLEX

DUPLEX- folding machine- combined feeder- frictional and suctional!

New constriction machine made in Italy, designed to fold and glue the followings:

  1. Simple folders, with one or two pockets;
  2. Complex folders with three or four pockets;
  3. Folders with gussets;
  4. Presentation folders with large document pockets;
  5. Air ticket wallets;
  6. Covers for DVD wallets with one or two pockets;
  7. Envelops size C2, C3, C4, C5, DL, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10;
  8. Envelops size RA2, RA3, RA4;
  9. Envelops size SRA2, SRA3, SRA4;
  10. Currier envelopes (DHL, Fed.Ex, Tnt, etc.) with double sided tape and tear tape strip (on request);
  11. Envelops of very small sizes, like the credit card envelops;
  12. Medical file envelopes, special size envelopes;
  13. Book covers with flaps, flexible book covers;
  14. Linear boxes;
  15. Crash lock bottom boxes;
  16. Application the double-sided tape on the poster, envelops, DVD wallets, boxes and so on.

Twins feeder is the first feeder worldwide in which the continues friction feeder and the high pile feeder are combined in one body, offering 2 feeders in a single one, a new generation feeder developed by APR solutions srl, using our technology, based on reducing the investment and time of preparation of the machine.

Twins Feeder Features:

  • Sets in 10% of the time of the other feeders;
  • Feeds all types of paper and blank materials;
  • Removes all limitations of the traditional feeders;
  • Allows the work with very small formats, or complex die-cut shapes;
  • Quick and precise feeding.
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