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Mini Athos

Mini Athos - machine designed to apply double-sided tape with semi-automatic feeder, introduction format 500x5000 mm, especially for digital market.

Technical characteristics:

Format machine introduction                                                       Max 500 x 500 mm

Min 100 x 100 mm

Tape width (Min-Max)                                                                   From 9 mm – 25 mm

Mincardboard weigh                                                                   150 g/m²

Max cardboard weight                                                                        800 g/m²

Double sided tape materials type                                                        Banner tape, or PVC tape, acrylic tape, Tissue tape, transfer tape, Foam tape up to 3mm.                                                                                                       

N. of application                                                                           From 1 to 3

Max length tape applicable                                                          999 mm

  1. distance between application and the next in line               25mm
  2. length application of the tape                                           35mm

Min. distance of the tape from the edge of the paper                  10mm

Min. distance of the tape from the edge of the cardboard           0mm

Min. distance between one application and the other in parallel   0mm

Max outer diameter roll tape                                                        480 mm

Internal diameter roll tape                                                            76 mm

Margin of error in application                                                     ± 1 mm

Mechanical Speed                                                                        40 m/min

Power connection for Rap                                                            Electro Pneumatic

Power connection of the machine                                                1 Kw

Machine dimensions                                                                    1594 x 758 h 1445mm

-      Fix register side system positioned before the Rap applicator for the application of adhesive tape

-      The applicator is adjustable in height, and left/right site.

-      The setup and programming of the PLC does not require a professional operator, in fact with our touch screen, it would be possible to be used by an operator without experience.

Mini Athos machine upgradable to add other Rap applicator in parallel

Some products that can be finished with the MIN ATHOS machine


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