Graphotrade is a partner of VIVID in Bulgaria.

VIVID are leading designers and manufacturers of laminators, so it's our job to make sure that every job you start gets the perfect finish

The versatility of Easymount laminators makes them incredibly cost-effective, meaning you can now truly offer a one-stop shop for print and finishing.

The range includes everything from entry-level models for those still finishing jobs by hand, to professional heavy-duty thermal models that will cope with every application all day everyday.

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Easy Mount 650 laminator Vivid

Easy Mount 650 laminator

Easy Mount 880 laminator Vivid

Easy Mount 880 laminator

Easy Mount 1400 C laminator Vivid

Easy Mount 1400 C laminator

Easy Mount 1600 C laminator Vivid

Easy Mount 1600 C laminator

laminator S 1400 H Home

laminator S 1400 H

laminator S 1600 H Home

laminator S 1600 H

Matrix MX 370 Home

Matrix MX 370

Matrix MX 530 Vivid

Matrix MX 530

Matrix MX 370P Home

Matrix MX 370P

Matrix MX 530 P Home

Matrix MX 530 P