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Bookbinders, printers and post print companies know Schmedt as a reliable and competent partner with high knowledge und superb service. Our family driven company exists since more than 60 years in the tradition of the Hanse. With experience and know-how from four generations we work in two different field, which complete each other in a perfect way:
The development and manufacturing of bookbinding machines and the wholesale trade with supplies, consumables and tools for the bookbinding and printing industry. In addition we also buy and sell new and refurbished machinery as well. This experience has grown our vision 

The World of Bookbinding. Die ganze Welt des Buchbindens

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Präzi Pur Schmedt Post Press Schmedt

Präzi Pur Schmedt

PräziCase Pro Schmedt Schmedt Schmedt

PräziCase Pro Schmedt

PräziCoat - Two-Roller Gluing Machine Schmedt Schmedt

PräziCoat - Two-Roller...

CopyBinder 5 Post Press Schmedt

CopyBinder 5

PräziTrim Post Press Schmedt


NEW PräKant SCHMEDT Schmedt Schmedt


PräGnant XS-E Post Press Schmedt

PräGnant XS-E

PräziMark type 203 - for 2-row printwheels Post Press Schmedt

PräziMark type 203 - for...

Präleg casing in machine Schmedt Schmedt

Präleg casing in machine

PräPremo Pro Schmedt Schmedt

PräPremo Pro

PräZis Pro Schmedt Schmedt

PräZis Pro

устройство за обработка на корица Schärffix Schmedt Schmedt

устройство за обработка на...

PräziBand - Kapitalbandmaschine Post Press Schmedt

PräziBand -...

NEW PräziCase- CASE MAKER Home Schmedt


PräDeck Schmedt


Machine for casing in PräLeg Schmedt Schmedt

Machine for casing in PräLeg

PräziCoat XS - Two-Roller Gluing Machine Schmedt Schmedt

PräziCoat XS - Two-Roller...

PräColl Schmedt Schmedt


PräColl Pro Schmedt Schmedt

PräColl Pro

машина за кръглене на гръбче PräLomo Pro Schmedt Schmedt

машина за кръглене на...

book press PräForm Schmedt Schmedt

book press PräForm

book press PräForm Pro Home Schmedt

book press PräForm Pro

PräPara Home Schmedt


Praerund Home Schmedt


PräDecka line Schmedt Schmedt

PräDecka line

PräMelt OT24 Digital

PräziSheet C1 Post Press

PräziSheet C1

PräziTrim Cutting Schmedt


PräLeg XS Schmedt Schmedt

PräLeg XS

PräForm XS Schmedt Schmedt

PräForm XS

PräRund Post Press Schmedt


PräLomo Schmedt Schmedt