PiccoStar 102-50
  • PiccoStar 102-50

PiccoStar 102-50

електрическа машина за слагане на капси

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капси с вътрешене диаметър от 3 до 7.5 мм

Single head eyeletting machine with electrical driveAutomatic eyelet feedSuitable for paper, cardboard, plastic etc.Ideal for contracts, certificates and labelsPunches and eyelets in one work process (the eyelet punches the hole)Material support with steplessly adjustable rear and side stops guarantee exact positioningPushbutton to release the eyeletting processAvailable for eyelets with inner diameters of 3 - 7.5 mmWith self-punching eyelets: up to 30 sheets with 80 g/m2 paper or material thickness up to 3 mmWith pre-punched material: up to 50 sheets with 80 g/m2 paper or material thickness up to 8 mmEasy to change over for another eyelet size in the range of 3 - 7.5

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